Don't take my word for what my customers have said:

Refreshed for Living -

"What you should know about Kim is she’s amazing.  She brings so much energy and excitement about organizing which helped get me started when I was stuck.  She also has SUCH great ideas about where to put things, and how to re-purpose areas.  She doesn’t bring any judgment about the state of your house and she doesn’t bring any “shoulds” . . . like you should get rid of this or that.  Even after working with her just once, I felt like I had been organizing with a really good friend....Do yourself and your family the gift of having her help you organize your house.  It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself."
 - Waunakee Client

"Kim made a daunting task doable.  She kept me on task and on budget.  Working with Kim was fun and she made it easy.  I am not a shopper, so she brought the design options to me.  She did the shopping, brought options to my house, and returned the products I didn’t want.  She donated my old fixtures and even got me a receipt for my taxes.  She scheduled the laborers and was at my house to direct them.  I’m am excited about spaces in my house, that I wasn’t excited about. I will definitely use Kim in the future and highly recommend her."
- Cherie

"Kim has given me fabulous, budget-conscious ideas to turn my new house into my dream home."
- Dawn

"With some paint and furniture re-arranging, Kim turned my bedroom from 'blah' to 'ahh'."
- Sheryl

Refreshed for Buying / The Unpacked Kitchen -
"What a joy it was to move into my new place and have my kitchen unpacked and organized! Kim did a great job."
- Doris

Refreshed for Selling -
"Kim turned our basement, with piles of toys, into a space that made sense and was ready for house-showings. It sold fast and I believe Kim had a lot to do with that."
- Jenn

Home Refreshing Plan -
"WOW. WOW. WOW. This is amazing."
- Christine

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