Where do I start about working with Kim?  I was feeling like I wanted more organization in our house, but overwhelmed by where to start.  A friend referred me to Kim.  She has come 3 times and the house is transformed!  The house feels calmer and so do I.  Things have a place!  On her first visit, we tackled toys and furniture placement.  I was having trouble deciding what toys to keep out for my three year old and what to get rid of / put in storage.  With her very gentle guidance, she helped me realize we had WAY too many toys out.  We packed about half of them up to put into “toy rotation” every couple of months and got rid of some.  I thought my little guy would miss some of the toys or be bored with so much less out, but that hasn’t been the case whatsoever.  Then we rearranged 3 rooms so they were re-purposed and de-cluttered.

On the next two visits, we primarily worked on the basement.  We moved last year, so there were still things in boxes.  Now, the basement is completely organized, purged and we even created an art studio for my little guy, upon her suggestion. 

To wrap up, what you should know about Kim is she’s amazing.  She brings so much energy and excitement about organizing which helped get me started when I was stuck.  And she really gets into your stuff with you . . . like it’s her house . . . which is incredible.  She also has SUCH great ideas about where to put things, and how to re-purpose areas.  She doesn’t bring any judgment about the state of your house and she doesn’t bring any “shoulds” . . . like you should get rid of this or that.  Even after working with her just once, I felt like I had been organizing with a really good friend.  Prior to working with her, I had difficulty letting go of “the stuff.”   After exercising the muscle of purging, it’s SO much easier to just let things go.  I could go on and on, but I won’t.  Do yourself and your family the gift of having her help you organize your house.  It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.  

- Waunakee Client

Whatever your budget,

whatever the space, 

your home can be refreshed.


Do you have have a space that is unusable or uninspiring or is simply driving you crazy? Stumped where to put your couch? You deserve better. Have your home fill your soul.
​​Moving is stressful...preparing the house to sell, keeping it clean, the showings, waiting for an offer, the negotiations, the closing and then the actual moving. By the time you move in, you’re exhausted!  Give yourself a break. I’m a mom who understands how a house needs to function and can get you up and running quickly.  

Help buyers envision living in your house. Make it warm, inviting and functional. A little goes a long way. Professional staging services are proven to sell your home faster and for more money.

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